FEMME KULTURE. It is a women's t-shirt and clothing line that is positive and empowering to today’s young women with its messages, artwork and designs. Started by Latina Entrepreneur and Busy young Mom, Lorena Carmona-Moore. Our CEO, was born and raised in the Bronx. This greatly influenced her style, ambition, and hustle. Lorena was inspired to start this clothing line while she was pregnant with her second daughter in 2013. She wanted to create something that was fresh, fashionable and inspiring for young girls and women across the globe. It was important to her that this line be reflective of strong women in our history and culture, inspiring and empowering, and that it's style stay true to her native Latina NYC roots. 

"I believe strongly that empowered women, empower women and this world needs more of that. When you wear something that reflects positivity, it can be a conversation starter, it can be a pathway to networking, to converse with your fellow sisters, it can be powerful."  - Lorena Carmona-Moore.